HDMI Video Capture for the PC

PV-149-4 Port Video Capture Card (120FPS) - Realtime Recording

PV1494 Port Video Capture Card


Package Quantity: 1

When you buy on the internet, it is much easier to get better deals on products. The PV-149-4 Port Video manufactured by Provideo is the right solution for your pc. The features include luxriot support: yes, works with linux and windows-32bit, video4linux support: yes and 4 port 120fps capture card. Buy the pv-149-4 port video capture card, select the hyperlink below.

Please note: Despite the reality that Bluecherry encourages open supply software improvement Bluecherry does not provide support for configuring or trouble shooting third party / open source applications (Zoneminder / Motion ). These programs are free, come with no warranty, and are community supported. For support please study our post on basic troubleshooting and/or refer to Zoneminder forums. Compatibility notice: Windows drivers for this card will work only on 32-bit Windows systems. * 4 port 120FPS capture card * Software compression * Works with Linux and Windows * Bluecherry DVR Support: No * Video4Linux Support: Yes * Lux Riot Support: Yes * Windows (WDM) Support: Yes * Access Grid Support: Yes


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