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Blackmagic Design Hyper Deck Shuttle 2 Ssd Video Recorder, 2. 5 Sata Ssd Drives, Hd-sdi Input And Output

Hyper Deck Shuttle 2 Ssd Video Recorder

Blackmagic Design

Package Quantity: 1

When you are scouting for a TV to PC I've come up with some info. Look into the Hyper Deck Shuttle 2 Ssd Video Recorder by Blackmagic Design. It has a weight of 1.8 lbs. Buying a Hyper Deck Shuttle 2 Ssd Video Recorder. To purchase the product now at the cheapest price, click on our partners via the button.

The Blackmagic Design Hyper Deck Shuttle 2 SSD Video Recorder records uncompressed 10-bit HD and SD video as Quick Time files from any SDI- or HDMI-enabled camcorder. This updated version of the original Hyper Deck Shuttle also records Avid's DNx HD 220x 10-bit codec. With its uncompressed recording capability, Hyper Deck Shuttle 2 shines on those projects for which even high-bit-rate Pro Res and DNx HD codecs are too compressed for your needs. Simply by bypassing the camera's compression, this allows you to get the highest-quality output feasible from camcorders that typically record video as highly compressed HDV, AVCHD, or yet another similar codec. Whatever the application, capturing to a supremely portable device with interchangeable media (which, with each succeeding generation, will grow in capacity as prices drop) is regarding the most elegant solution imaginable for recording uncompressed 4:2:2 HD video. 5"SATA solid state drive (sold separately) for information storage. For Avid users, it doesn't get significantly a lot much more convenient than capturing 10-bit video as the extremely high-quality DNx HD 220x codec. Sometimes, however, capacity is an issue and Hyper Deck Shuttle 2 offers the option of recording high-bit-rate compressed files. Ready for the Media Composer timeline Perhaps you're shooting against a green screen and you'll need to generate to be in a position to pull the cleanest crucial possible in post, or you're capturing background plates for special effects. The extremely compact recorder accepts a 2.


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