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Matrox Dual HEAD2GO Digital Edition D2G-A2D-IF

Dual HEAD2GO Digital Edition D2GA2DIF


Package Quantity: 1

Shopping to buy a new video device? Check out the Dual HEAD2GO Digital Edition D2GA2DIF by Matrox! I certainly loved that the capture device has the feature of harness the full graphics rendering power of your existing notebook or desktop computer. 0042215425957 is the bar code for this video device. The capture device dimensions are 5.51"H x 3.94"L x 1.26"W and it weighs only 1.5 lbs. Best deal on Dual HEAD2GO Digital Edition D2GA2DIF. To get the same discount I came across, click on the market button below.

Detail Specifications 1. with no opening the chassis of the computer. and Mac? This consists of the full video and 3D capabilities of your embedded graphics solution. Matrox Power Desk SE computer software (for Windows only) seamlessly manages window positioning and message pop-ups and gives the flexibility to select a wider range of resolutions, including support for widescreen and standard aspect ratios. Windows? Can be utilised with either analog1 or digital panels. Compact device that could effortlessly be taken on the road with you. OS X v10. Compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. Product info Dimensions - 10 cm x 14 cm x 3. Harness the full graphics rendering power of your existing notebook or desktop computer. setup. 3. 2. 8. 7. 4 - Display driver supporting 2048 x 768 or 2560 x 1024 resolution - Powered USB connector Warranty - 2 Years 6. 5. Run your desktop at as a lot as 3840 x 1200 resolution stretched across two displays (1920x1200 per display) 1. XP, Windows 2000, Windows XP x64bit, Windows Vista? Add two independent displays to your notebook or desktop system and generate a completely symmetrical Dual Head? 4. 2 cm Weight - 235 grams Connectors - HD-15 (analog) x 1 (input) ; DVI-I (digital) x 2 (outputs) , USB Part number - D2G-A2D-IF Hardware included - Dual Head2Go Digital Edition connector box - One 2-foot HD15-to-HD15 (analog) monitor cable - One USB cable Optional upgrades - Two DVI (male) to HD15 (female) adapters sold separately Minimum system requirements - Single VGA output connector, on a compatible system - Microsoft? rade Intel integrated graphics on a desktop to Dual Head?


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