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Hauppauge Colossus Pci Express Internal Hd-pvr

Colossus Pci Express Internal Hdpvr
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I in fact loved that the product has records at video resolutions up to 1080i in real time. The TV to PC is 7.5" Height x 8" Length x 3" Width and has got a weight of 2 lbs. Model Number 1468. Cheapest price Colossus Pci Express. Should you need a great deal for this TV adaptor, visit the button below.

Colossus is an internal HD PVR PCI Express card high definition (HD) video recorder for PCs. Compatible with Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP. Colossus records at video resolutions as considerably as 1080i in true time using a built-in hardware H. 264 encoder. Video is recorded in an H. 264 Blu-ray compatible format from any component video equipped high definition cable TV or satellite set top box. It will also record video game play at up to 1080i from the XBox360 or PS3 etc. Digital audio is recorded using AAC or Dolby Digital AC-3. Colossus also has an HDMI input for recording HD from a un-encrypted HDMI video source such as the Xbox360 or digital SLR cameras. Includes component video cable set, Hauppauge remote control, IR receiver plus IR blaster for set leading box channel control.

The Hauppage Colossus is in fact a high-definition video recorder for making real-time H. 264-compressed recordings at resolutions as a lot as 1080i. Colossus also has an HDMI input port, so you can record HD video at as significantly as 1080i from a un-encrypted HDMI supply. This HD PVR features a PCIe computer card interface and records component video (YCr Cb) from video game consoles and cable Television and satellite set top boxes, making use of a built-in IR blaster to automatically change TV channels for scheduled recordings.

The Hauppauge 1414 Colossus High Definition Personal Video Recorder offers:Recording direct from cable Television and satellite with quality up to 1080i. Record your game playAVCHD format for burning Blu-ray DVD discs. Standard definition composite and HDMI inputs.

Furthermore to recording Television shows, you can record your video game play to demonstrate tips and tricks, or just show off your skills to your friends. You can also use Colossus to turn your old VCR tapes into Blu-ray discs. Record your video tapes using Colossus and then burn Blu-ray-formatted DVD disks on your PC.

At the heart of the HD-PVR is an H. 264 high-definition encoder that's built-in for high-performance, high-quality TV recordings at up to 1080i resolution, 720p or VGA/D1.) 1 channel audio / Digital Dolby. The box contains a component video input for use with most high-definition cable TV and satellite TV receivers, at exactly the same time as optical or stereo audio inputs. (Audio is recorded employing AC-3 encoding from SPDIF in 2 or 5.

The HD-PVR records inside the AVCHD format, which could possibly be utilized to burn Blu-ray DVD discs. Two hours of high-definition recordings, recorded at 5 Mbits/sec, can be burnt onto a standard 4. 5Mbs, constant and variable bit rate. (You have the option of recording at information rates from 1 Mbs to 13. 7 GB DVD-R or DVD-RW disk for playback on any Blu-ray DVD player.)

The recorder also includes Hauppauge's Win Television scheduler that lets you schedule your Television recordings, as nicely as a built-in IR blaster that automatically alterations TV channels for your scheduled recordings. Convert Your Home Videos to Blu-ray DVDs And for even greater comfort and performance, the HD-PVR features an audio / video component video loop so you can record and watch your television at the extremely same time.

Hauppage Colossus PCIe card, IR Blaster transmitter cable, component video cable set, audio cable set, USB cable, and 5V power provide. Type Component Video Optical Audio RCA Audio HDMI Input PCIe 1414 Colossus Internal 1212 HD-PVR External Also includes the following bundled software applications: Arcsoft"Show Biz"software, and Hauppauge Win TV Scheduler. Which High Definition Personal Video Recorder is Right for You?


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